I was pretty surprised when Slashdot accepted my submission, a Pragmatic Version control Subversion book review. I was even more surprised when it hit th front page and for about twelve minutes my name was one of the first things on slashdot! After this short lapse into geek I logged into my bytemark machine and battened down the hatches. I shut down all unneeded daemons and prepared for the server to go down. Read on →

I heard about a job a couple of days ago that I’d have taken a pretty big pay cut to get, I won’t mention details as the position isn’t formally open yet, but it got me to thinking. While I’ve been pretty lucky with my employment over the years (Hi Boss!) there are a couple of places that I’d pretty much consider my dream job (and that I’d crawl over most peoples bodies to work), anything in the security, Linux or Open Source departments in IBM for example. Read on →

Over at MegaTokyo they have an Evil Leet T-shirt that I think is excellent on a number of levels. I know it’s sad but so what. I’m not really a T-shirt person (plus I’m not really allowed to wear them in the office) but I do have an OpenBSD baseball cap I’ve very fond of… So why not combine the two? I now want an Evil Leet baseball cap and after looking around the custom cap printing companies it doesn’t look that expensive to do.

David Black is in London and the London Ruby people (both of them :)) are planning a meet-up. It’s happening on Monday, February 28, 7:00 PM at the Holiday Inn near Russell Square

There’s an interesting article over at the Tucows Farm on a series of talks titled php|symphony. It’s a live, payed for, talk that allows two way communication with the speaker on some pretty low end machines with very little bandwidth required. So what’s my interest in this PHP stuff? Over the last couple of months I’ve had a couple of conversations with some friends about doing this kind of thing now that VoIP (Skype for communication) is here, virtual machines (UML for interactive sessions) are pretty easy to use and bandwidth is becoming cheaper. Read on →

I’ve already ranted about FarScape returning to our screens so I’ll try and keep this a little less enthusiastic! Over on BBC3 (Digital TV) they seem to be showing a FarScape episode pretty much every week night at 00:10 (midnight plus ten) and it’s started from episode one (and it’s still on the first series). If you’ve never seen it before then it’s well worth watching.

Hello Slashdot people! I’ve just had a review published on slashdot and I’m sort of expecting this server to have some problems so please bear with me… Also a small disclaimer, I did get a free review copy of the book early (thanks to the very nice Pragmatic Programmers) but this didn’t earn any favouritism. In my defence I point to Building Linux Clusters. Most of my reviews are positive because I simply can’t be bothered to read and review bad books. Read on →

When I moved from my shared server to the small UML box that this site now calls home I copied a lot of my logs over. I’ve never really done any in-depth viewing of my log files but after finding a new toy to play with (more about that in a separate post) I decided to have a little nose around. It seems that in between October 1st 2004 and December 31st 2004 (a total of 92 days including Christmas Day and New Years Eve) www.unixdaemon.net, the main page, not the blog, was visited by 50,974 ‘unique visitors’. Read on →

I’ve had a findbig files script up on my miniprojects page for a while now, it’s not exactly a difficult script to write but it deals with a couple of less obvious cases (exclude lists) that most of the similar scripts on line don’t cater for. While the script is something thats easily down-loaded and run, if you have anything beyond a handful of machines you need to actually think about how to incorporate it into your checks and how you should run it to get the most return from the least effort. Read on →

Every February there are two excellent tech events, the UKUUG LISA/Winter Conference and FOSDEM; my event of the year. Due to prior commitments I’m not going to able to make it to the Winter Con this year which means I’m all the more excited about FOSDEM. I’m heading over on the 25th and returning on the 27th with a bunch of the London Perl/Linux people, so if you’re about come and say “hello”. Read on →