GLLUG Meeting -- June 11th 2005

It will happen! I’ve just been a bit slow in getting information out about it. This is the second GLLUG I’ve put together and while it’s fun it does take a little more planning and effort than I have the time to commit on a continual basis.

This time we’re lucky enough to have three talks (at the time of writing this entry!), Matthew Block from Bytemark; the people I rent the UML box that hosts this site from. Ian Pratt from Xen, THE rising star in virtualisation software, will be coming down to talk about the technical details of Xen and finally we have Christian Smith and Stig Brautaset, both top-notch C developers, talking about Autotools.

This meeting is being held at the New Cavendish Street campus of Westminster University and as usual it’s free for anyone to attend. If you’re interested in Linux, virtualisation or even just interesting tech talk please come along and say hello.