Making a backup copy of a file is a pretty common thing to do (although you should be using RCS for a lot of these…). If you’re using a machine with a GUI then copy and pasting the file name twice, with an extension on the end, is pretty simple. If you’re either a keyboard jockey or without a mouse you can make your life easier with these two short cuts: # make a copy of file. Read on →

If you’ve tried to use any of my Greasemonkey scripts over at Dean Wilsons Profile then you’ve been out of luck until recently. During a linky session I managed to hit the “delete script link” on each and every script I’d uploaded. The delete link (which I didn’t notice) didn’t require any confirmation so it managed to get everything. I spent a little time last night re-adding the scripts (I have copies on my own site) so they’re now available again. Read on →

When I was a teen I read a fair amount of X-Men comics (and I’ve started again now Joss Whedon is writing Astonishing X-Men) so they are close to my heart, while the first film felt like a prologue, the second film did them justice and the third gives them a decent send off. I’m not going to spoil any of the plot but Storm gets a decent showing this time, Halle Berry - who has six toes on her left foot, made some (deserved) noise about Storm being down played in previous films. Read on →

I’ve added a couple of new scripts to my Greasemonkey Script collection. Remove Background Image does exactly what you’d expect. Add an @include like for your site of choice and refresh the page to make it go away. The second one’s based on a Streetmap trick Wookie Bob showed me. StreetMap 5x5 grid changes the map you’re looking at to a 5x5 grid view you can only usually get by hacking the URL. Read on →

The File::Find::Rule::VCS module excludes certain directories, artifacts from version control systems, from your File::Find::Rule queries. While it’s aware of the big two (subversion and CVS) today I needed a version that was aware - and can ignore - RCS directories. So I hacked the module and tada, we now have a File::Find::Rule::VCS RCS support patch. I’ve sent a copy to the module author but I’m putting it here as well in case it gets rejected.

The work is done, the script is written and from this Sunday night my RSS aggregator will kill any post that’s from before noon on Saturday. This is all part of my (proably pointless) attempt to prevent backlogs and pile ups of unread things. I’m not going to release any of the (very hacky) scripts as they all assume lots about their running environment but I thought I’d mention it in case I can inspire anyone (Lee) to clear out their queues every now and again. Read on →

Amazon sent me one of the more amusing recommendations I’ve ever had: Greetings from, We've noticed that customers who have purchased books by Rael Dornfest have also ordered "Adolf Hitler: A Portrait" by Michael Fitzgerald. I know O’Reilly are not the most popular of companies since the web 2.0 incident but I didn’t think they’d fallen that far… :)

When it comes to host-based intrusion detection I’m most familiar with the Tripwire OpenSource Edition, while shopping around for a HIDS to deploy on a play box I decided to try AIDE. And got stopped at one of the first hurdles. Tripwire has an interactive update mechanism, it runs a scan (based on your config file) and then prompts you to except, reject or mark changes as pending - within one operation. Read on →

Due to some other, recently appearing, demands on my spare (and not so spare) time I’ve had to drastically cut back on the amount of time I spend working with different Free and Open groups. One of the biggest casualties of this has been the UKUUG. I no longer have the time available to make any meaningful contributions so I’ve stepped down from the UKUUG council. As a group they’re doing a lot of interesting work, and some great conferences, so it’s worth looking at their site every now and again.

I saw a description of Brick when I was looking for the X-Men 3 release date and it grabbed my attention pretty quickly. “A modern day film noir sit in a high-school” seemed very Whedon. And now that he’s got nothing on the air I’m finding it harder to get my regular dose of Joss. The film itself was great, very stylishly shot, featured a solid performance from the “hero” and had great dialogue. Read on →