Fight or Flee: TO THS HILLS!

When you meet someone you click with things are good. As things start to progress you learn about each other, become more involved in each others life and you discover what makes you both tick. In some cases this is a wonderful thing and can bring you closer, in other cases this is the last exit ramp off the road that leads to the boiling of cute bunnies (no one ever boiled an ugly bunny - there’s no point).

What I recently discovered (I’m not very quick when it comes to things like this - I have a domain name with the word Unix in it so no one should be surprised with this confession) is that sometimes you discover something else, that the person, no matter how much you like them, isn’t going to work out and that if you keep getting closer they will be able to seriously rip you apart. And that they will because they have a streak they may not even consciously realise. This leaves you with a couple of options, either go along for the ride and then engage in some mutually assumed destruction or get the hell out, go to the cinema a lot and post a lot of short reviews on your sadly named blog ;)