MySQL Uni - Scalability Challenges in an InnoDB-based Replication Environment

I recently ‘attended’ my first MySQL University presentation - Scalability Challenges in an InnoDB-based Replication Environment. The service itself is great, you sign up, log in and then watch the speaker present in one window while listening to him speak and reading the slides (in the main part of the screen). Everything you’d expect really.

The subject wasn’t anymore exciting than you’d guess (but what do you expect with that title?) but the speaker knew his stuff and a couple of the Solaris commands shown will be useful to me in the future. Most valuable for me from the time invested in watching is that between this and the Jan 09 LOSUG I’m being pushed to invest some time in OpenSolaris and potentially deploy an instance or two of it in our staging environment for performance and debugging reasons. While Linux is pushing the boundaries in many ways Solaris is still ahead when it comes to working out the why, when and what.