LOSUG - Jan 09 Wrap Up

I’m going to try and get to more LOSUG meetings this year and the January presentation by MC Brown has done nothing to put me off. Although some of the audience tried their best…

First up - the good. The actual presentation, MySQL/DTrace and Memcached, was very well done. The speaker was funny, well rehearsed and knew his material extremely well. The MySQL DTrace probes are made to be used in demos and are very enticing.

Now for the bad. The talks technical coverage was quite light on the MySQL/DTrace part and the memcache section was painful. Big parts of the audience just didn’t seem to get the idea. The speaker had to constantly backtrack to keep more than a handful of us with him. I had to resist the urge to join in and ask questions like ‘how do you do joins?’ just to see how big the vein on his forehead would get.

Still, the speaker must have been good as I’ve already played with the OpenSolaris Live CD they gave away. I’m looking forward to next month.