GLLUG Meeting -- March 2005 Happened!

As I mentioned before I was heavily involved in putting this meeting together. And it seemed to go pretty well!

We had three speakers but we had to shuffle the order around a bit, one was a little late and one was having technical problems. With very little time for preparation Pete Ryland stepped up and drew in the crowd. There were actually a couple of people from Ubuntu (and the Debian UK mailing list) which added a fair amount of clue to the audiences questions. I personally didn’t get to see more than short snippets of the talk as I played host, chatting to different people, ensuring the speakers were OK and generally looking bemused. But it was fun.

While most things went well I did pick up on a couple of things I screwed up on:

  • Get the speakers to arrive early to test equipment.
  • Arrange talk durations with the speakers and work out a better way of communication with them than waving sheets of paper from the back of the room.
  • Knowing when to kill question sessions.
  • Get someone competent to do the introductions and notices. I suck in front of crowds.

All-in-all it went quite well, I might even be organising the next one!