GLLUG March 12th 2005 Meeting

I’ve been a GLLUG member for a good few years now, I’ve attended meetings, worked on the stall at the London Linux Expos and even given a talk at one of the meetings (I’d like to say sorry for that…) but the March 2005 GLLUG meeting is the first meeting I’ve organised.

With the able (and essential) assistance of Bruce “way too deep to have a blog or site for people to link to” Richardson we’ve got a grand total of three speakers and are hosting the meeting at Fotangos offices. Martin Michlmayr, the current Debian project lead will discuss Quality in OpenSource Development, Pete Ryland is going to give an overview of Ubuntu and Bruce Richardson is going to discuss Linux HA systems.

The venue’s good, the talks are going to be great and I’m going to be gracious (as host :)) so if you’re around in London on that day and like Linux come and say hello. We’ll be going for food and beer afterwards…