London Web Frameworks Night

Update: the venue has changed! Please see the London Frameworks Night Update page.

I’m delighted to announce that the London Web Frameworks night will actually be happening! It’s due to happen on the 17th of November and starts at 19:00. Thanks to Ben Evans we’ve got a venue (Morgan Stanley at Cabot Square) and we’ve got three damn fine speakers.

Presenting Django we’ve got Simon Willison. Showcasing Rails is Matt Biddulph and to cover Catalyst we’ve got Matt Trout, one of its developers.

Each of the speakers will present their respective technology and show what makes it worth your time and attention. And none of them will build a blog live on stage! The event is, as always, free but you’ll need to register to attend. We’ll be putting up a sign up form over the next couple of days, I’ll post a link to it, and the full announcement, as soon as it’s ready.