London Web Frameworks Night - Location Change!

It’s a little late in the day to change any of the details but I’ve had to move the venue from Morgan Stanley in Cabot Square to the New Cavendish Street campus of Westminster University (Streetmap). Some of you may recognise the venue, we hold a lot of GLLUGs there.

The reason for the move is a great one, the demand for seats has far surpassed my expectations. The original venue had room for 100 people, 120 at a push. We’ve just had person number 200 sign up. Wow. I know not everyone is going to actually make it on the night but double the rooms capacity was too much for me to risk it. It also means you can sign up again. Until we have to reclose it anyway!

The change of venue will be announced in reminders for the event I’m planning on sending out over the weekend. I’ll also mail shot everyone who registered as soon as I can get the list of addresses. This is an ideal chance to thank Ben Evans, who was extremely helpful with arrangements at MSDW and Sean Tohill, who once more pulled a rabbit from his hat to get the room at Westminster on very short notice.

PS: We may even get a first look at one of the BBC’s little projects…