Where (In the UK) is That Number?

After a pretty much technology free day at work I wanted to actually do something hands on before the day was over. After a flurry of reading and deleting of of blog posts it looked like the buzz word of the day was (still) Google Maps. So off I went.

With the aid of the excellent Number::Phone and the not too bad Geo::Google, which can’t seem to handle Scottish towns, I put together a small script which displays the town a phone number is from using Google Maps. To try it out enter a phone number in the field below. You can skip the leading +, and/or the country code (44). It’s also mostly OK with hyphens, spaces and other bits of cruft.

Disclaimer: I’m not logging the numbers entered anywhere.

Now for some caveats. It only works for Britain and Wales. Geo::Google doesn’t do Scotland. It doesn’t have support for the US yet. It only shows things on a town level. It has ugly error messages. But it does mostly work if none of those restrictions apply :)