Updating my Pragmatic Investment Plan -- 2005/03

I’ve finally found the time to do make some updates to my 2004 - 2005 Pragmatic Investment Plan. I’ve posted links to some books reviews, added two technical conferences and listed some scripts that have been down-loaded a fair few times from my site (over 50 downloads was my requirement).

While I’m not even half way through the PiP yet (and time’s a ticking!) I’ve started to think about the 2005-2006 version. I think I might include a challenge to build and provide content for a website that pays for itself (including hosting). That seems to be a more solid target than get X page impressions. I’ll also up the number of people that have to use a piece of software before I consider it useful; raising it from 50 to 250 might be a challenge.

One thing I won’t be including next year is the language of the year. My employment circumstances have changed a fair bit since I wrote the current version of the PiP and I’m doing a lot less development now. This makes spending enough time to get really comfortable with a language extremely hard.