UnixDaemon.net gitweb - because everyone else has one!

I’m not exactly a demanding user of version control systems so I’ve not been heavily motivated to ditch my personal SVN repo (which I don’t use as much as I should) and plunge in to the shiny new distributed ones. However (and this is my excuse) I’ve recently wanted to put a handful of my own Nagios plugins under a public VCS. While we use a number of the checks at work I don’t necessarily want the local changes to be made immediately public so I thought I’d take this as an opportunity to have a fiddle with git.

I’ve now got my own gitweb instance (because I’m a tech sheep) and while it’s pretty easy to install and setup it was oddly difficult to track down how to modify anything beyond the basics (the answer? Hack the feature hash from the config file - eg $feature{'snapshot'}{'default'} = [];). First impressions of git? I’ve got a lot to learn. The basic commands were easy enough to pick up but I am very conscious of how little of its power I’m using.