Updates to PlanetGLLUG and IIS-Resources GM Script

Well Planet GLLUG has been running for a couple of days without any glitches, except for some, er, interesting, HTML running from one persons postings to another. I’ve also replaced some of the images with much better versions contributed from Simon Morris. Now some (maybe) interesting tidbits:

43.8% of the visitors to PlanetGLLUG are using Linux vs the 42.1% that are running Windows; it’s always nice to see people dogfooding. Even more surprising is that the most popular web browser used by the Windows viewers is… FireFox! We’re also the top hit in Google for ‘planet gllug’ which might help spread the word a bit.

The other, much smaller, update is that the IIS-Resources Printer Redirect Script no longer has the printer dialog pop up. A small code snippet from Gunnar Hansson helped fix this for me.