Another Year and the Closing of a Decade

So, another full year of my life is over and done. As years go it’s not been the best one. Family troubles, time (and money, lots of money) spent dealing with lawyers and the passing of my grandfather, someone I saw nearly daily and often find myself thinking about, have all conspired to stop that annoying smile I often get. This post is a little more indulgent than usual but it’s my birthday and I’m full of cold caffine and napalmesque curry - so tough!

This year isn’t just another birthday though, it also marks the end of my first decade as a dutifully employed member of the public. From my start as an engineering apprentice (which I never finished) at age 16 to senior sysadmin at 27 - by way of financial data provider, trade support, software developer and sysadmin - I’ve racked up the companies (and to a lesser extent the industries) and learned more than I ever wanted to about how businesses work - and just as often don’t.

Looking back, the last ten years have been a great ride. I’ve written for magazines, tech reviewed books by the publishers who fill my shelves, tried public speaking (we’re all allowed mistakes :)), organised the kind of events I want to go to, met the people behind the Free and Open Source movements (if you ever get the chance to have dinner with Maddog Hall take it! He’s amazing to talk with), coded on snowy beaches, hacked while squinting from sun shine as far from home as I can physically get without falling off the planet, and most of all conversed, met and worked with some of the nicest, funniest and most talented people I could ever hope to meet. It’s a cliche but a true one, if you do what you love you never have to work a day.

I’m not actually thirty yet; although my lack of hair growth would seem to disagree. So, what’s next on the list of things to try? I have no idea at the moment but you know it’s going to be fun ambeling down which ever path draws me in.

To the future. Thanks for reading. – Dean Wilson