AJAX Blogpost Title Search

As an experiment I’ve put together a simple AJAX(ish, it uses ‘|’ separated values) based search tool for finding words I’ve used in the title of my Blogpost. The beta version can be found on the Blog Title AJAX Search page.

If you type in a couple of letters, such as ope, then it should (it’s case-insensitive) match anything with the word open in it for example. The results will then be shown as hyperlinks on the same page without forcing a refresh. If you add or remove letters then it’ll update the matches as appropriate. Please note it’s a little slow as it’s doing a lot of look ups at the back-end. That’s a known problem with my example. Still it does what I wanted and it introduced me to AJAX so I’m pretty happy with it.

If you don’t run JavaScript or you press return then it just runs the query through google, limiting the results to unixdaemon.net, as usual. That should guaranty that older browsers can still use the page, just in a limited fashion.