900 Posts and a thank you.

I recently migrated this blog from a very old version of hugo to a much newer one and while diffing the output I noticed I’d very nearly hit a blog post milestone. With the publication of this little exercise in vanity I’ve posted 900 articles to UnixDaemon.

I’ve had the domain for nearly 20 years now and it has been one of the best investments of my career. It started as a place to centralise little projects and provide links to my code on Freshmeat, Sourceforge and CPAN. It gradually became less of a hub and more of an external memory to store things I’d either forget otherwise or didn’t want to explain ever again. I’ve had it mentioned in job interviews, been amazingly fortunate to meet people that have read things on it and found them useful, and it’s provided me an outlet where I could try and get things out of my head and off the todo list and into the world.

To those of you reading this, a sincere thank you. This little domain name has been a part of my world for half my life now and it’s awesome to think it’s occasionally helped people get past an obscure error message or provided a little advice or guidance. It’s also led to a few awkward moments when someone’s screamed “Unixdaemon” at me in locations as wonderful as airport security, passport and border control and in one case, a wedding.

Thank you for your time and attention, the most anyone could hope to receive.