SXIP Single Sign-on

I’ve heard the name SXIP (pronounced ‘skip’) mentioned on a couple of different privacy forums (and in the Web2.0 coverage) and decided to have a closer look at what it provides. The short version, I promise!, is that SXIP wants to be a single sign-on provider and help with filling out forms based upon your chosen persona.

For the longer version of the who, what and how I’d suggest first listening to the IT Conversations SXIP show and then spending five minutes with the SXIP Demo. After a whirlwind play I’ve decided that I like the ‘Activity Log’ page (and the SXIP In and SXIP This metaphors are just corny; but in a good way) but I’d also like to be able to click through and see what information I provided to a page using SXIP. On a more positive note the interface to autofill forms is both clean and intuitive.

My verdict? It is interesting but it has the chicken and the egg problem, I won’t delve too far in until everyone else does. Oh and the page seems to redirect a lot in the background when you authenticate, considering all the phishing that goes on these days that may alarm people.