Startup Skills Blog and AdGooroo eBook

I’ve been a subscriber to the RSS feed over at Startup Skills for quite a while now, the authors insights on creating a start up and online advertising in general and Google Adwords in particular have always made interesting reading; but one day they stopped.

Instead of just pontificating about what you could do he’s been busy actually creating and running a company. AdGooroo, “an advertising intelligence service that tracks competitors’ online advertising” and helps you get the most from your own Google Adwords certainly warrants a close eye if you use Google for ads and a perfect starting place to find out what it’s all about if you don’t.

For those interested you can currently download a free Adgooroo eBook that covers all the basics and the benefits you can expect along with some very interesting tactics on how to improve your lot in the Google adwords world.

Disclaimer: I have no dealings of any kind with Startup Skills beyond reading the content they put up. I would however seriously consider recommending the AdGooroo service at the next startup I work for.