RADIUS Servers -- A cast of... well two.

In my quest to learn how RADIUS works and the correct way of running my own server I picked up both the O’Reilly RADIUS book and GNU RADIUS, A Reference Manual. Neither of which are exactly ground breaking books.

Now I’ve almost finished the O’Reilly book I thought it would be a good time to get my hands dirty and have a play, so I looked at XT RADIUS; which hasn’t been updated since very early in 2002. Then I looked at Cistron RADIUS, which is in a slightly better state as it still has bug fixes made for it but no active development of new features. And then I tried to look at PerlRADIUS which doesn’t even seem to have a valid home page these days!

So the point of this post? If you have stumbled upon this blog via my previous RADIUS posts (as my logs indicate a number of you have!) I’d suggest looking at FreeRADIUS or GNU RADIUS. I’ll probably post at a later date about my experiences with these and which one I’ve adopted as my own implementation of choice.