Puppet Lint Plugins - 2.0 Upgrade and new repo

After the recent puppet-lint 2.0 release and the success of our puppet-lint 2.0 upgrade at work it felt like the right moment to claw some time back and update my own (11!) puppet-lint plugins to allow them to run on either puppet-lint 1 or 2. I’ve now completed this and pushed new versions of the gems to rubygems so if you’ve been waiting for version 2 compatible gems please feel free to test away.

Now I’ve realised exactly how many plugins I’ve ended up with I’ve created a new GitHub repo, unixdaemon-puppet-lint-plugins, that will serve as a nicer discovery point to all of my plugins and a basic introduction to what they do. It’s quite bare bones at the moment but it does present a nicer approach than clicking around my github profile looking for matching repo names.