Puppet CookBook is live

Between Xmas and New Year I had some spare time to invest on a side project I’ve been looking forward to working on for quite a while. I’m pleased to announce the opening of the Puppet CookBook.

I’ve introduced Puppet to quite a few companies, sysadmins and development teams over the years and a lot of the same issues, concepts and needs repeatedly crop up. By explaining how puppet works in terms of tasks and desired outcomes rather than in raw feature descriptions I hope to show some of its power and flexibility in easy to use examples in a different way to most of the existing documentation.

The site isn’t exactly brimming over with content yet (and it’s pretty ugly) but I’m adding a handful of posts each week and hope to cover some more advanced topics over the next couple of months. You can follow the Puppet CookBook Twitter account for update announcements or to send feedback or suggestions for future topics.