No cron resources - customisable puppet-lint check

Sometimes there are certain puppet resource types that you don’t want to include in your code base. In my case it was cron but in yours it could be the more line originated augeas or the horribly named computer. The no cron resources check puppet-lint check will display a warning each time it finds a resource of that type in your manifests.

    class cron_resource {
      cron { 'logrotate':
        command => '/usr/sbin/logrotate',
        user    => root,
        hour    => 2,
        minute  => 0,

    # and the lint check will show:
    # 'cron resources should not be used'

While installing the plugin is done in the usual way -

    # add this line to your `Gemfile`
    gem 'puppet-lint-no_cron_resources-check'

    # install the gem
    bundle install

It’s trivial to make a custom copy that detects which ever resource you don’t want to have in your code base.

    # grab this repo
    git clone

    # make a new copy of the code and cd to it
    cp -a puppet-lint-no_cron_resources-check puppet-lint-no_augeas_resources-check
    cd puppet-lint-no_augeas_resources-check/

    # rename the files and replace the resource type.
    find | grep -v .git | xargs -n 1 rename cron augeas
    find -type f | grep -v .git | xargs sed -i -e 's/cron/augeas/g'

    # and rerun the tests
    bundle exec rake spec

Hopefully the ease with which you can re-purpose this check will make it a little more useful than it would at first appear.