Listing Puppet Managed Files

Sometimes it’s the little niggles that annoy people the most. As my team progress in to puppet they have an annoying habit of asking very good questions; which can sometimes be a struggle to answer. Todays best question was - “How do I tell if this file is under puppets control?”

While there are a couple of different ways to check (grepping through your git checkout or modifying the file and running puppet were the immediate winners) the best way is probably to look inside the catalog and check against the title of the File resources it contains. While this gets you most of the way the problem is a little harder than it looks because of an edge case. If puppet is managing an entire directory then the files in that directory are not explicitly listed in the catalog.

So we need to look in two places, the catalog and state.yaml. Remembering the greps (and the line transformations needed) requires more mental space than I’m willing to invest so I’ve written puppet-ls to do all the work for me.

$ puppet-ls /etc/mcollective

Run the command, specify the directory to check and any shown files are puppet managed. It’s not a ground breaking script but it can help people migrating to puppet as they bring more of their systems under its control.