Should I Release WebService::Yahoo::SpellingSuggestion?

I wrote the WebService::Yahoo::SpellingSuggestion perl module for one of my little side projects. It was easy to wrap, seemed to work fine when I did a few tests by hand and didn’t take very long to be CPANised; I’m trying to stay in good habits and treat all my internal modules as if they’d be released - I just skimp on the tests a bit. Which I know is bad.

Unfortunately, while it was fine for the light testing, I wasn’t very happy with it once I started to use it for heavier loads. The webservice it calls doesn’t seem to handle more than a couple of words at a time and makes it impossible to differentiate between a word that’s spelt correctly and one that it doesn’t know about (it returns undef on either). So now I have a small dilemma. Do I release it to CPAN, add a note listing what I’m not happy with about the service and mention I’m not using it anymore and let anyone else who wants to use download a copy or should I just leave it, unreleased, in a dark corner of my version control system?