Daemon Percentages - Perl 6 Version

After heading to the Nordic Perl Workshop and watching sessions by Jonathan Worthington and brian d foy I decided to have a little play with Perl 6 and see if I could port my Daemon Percentages script (Perl 5 and Ruby versions already exist) to Perl 6.

Thanks to material in the slides from the above sessions and asking a couple of questions in #perl6 I got a basically working Daemon percentages Perl 6 script running on my Windows desktop under pugs in a couple of hours (I had problems finding an example of the substitution). I managed to kill pugs twice, find some non-implemented parts of the language (I think) and eventually get output values that matched the other versions.

While I enjoyed fiddling with the language (and the roles and traits look very interesting) it’s still too early for me to invest any real time in the project or the language. It’s come a long way in the last couple of years but it’s no where near ready for casual users yet. I never really got past wondering if it was me or the implementation that were causing the problems. In most cases it was me.

Notes: while looking around for examples I found that some of Jonathans other Perl 6 slides are well worth a read. The people in the IRC channel were also very helpful.