What do VMWare Workstation, Windows Media Player and the Windows Volume Control have in common? They each annoy me on a daily basis. I use VMWare on a daily basis, it’s a top notch product that saves me a lot of grief whether I’m writing applications, testing programs for release or playing with services/daemons such as Apache or Postfix and conducting what-ifs but I’ve recently noticed a small glitch that is driving me nuts. Read on →

The NetBSD project has recently adopted a new logo, the new NetBSD logos are decent enough if a little uninspiring and ‘safe’. I’ve always been a fan of the old NetBSD logo.

Way back on the second of September I wrote a blog entry informing everyone that I’d be turning off Unixdaemon Packetstorm Security feeds in favour of people using the Official Feeds. Well the time has come. The HTML on their site has changed again, breaking my script, so now is as good a time as any to stop the feeds. I’ll be putting up a 301 at some point today. Thank you for using the feeds and I hope they proved useful.

Joel Spolsky is working on a new book, rather than spread more of his own wisdoms, if you don’t read his site then you should!, he is compiling and editing a list of the best software essays published either online or on dead tree. While it is probably going to be quite a while before the book becomes available you can currently view the list of nominations and, in most cases, read them online.

I’m a big fan of the del.icio.us social bookmarking site but it’s lack of browser integration has always been slightly annoying. Luckily someone else must have thought along similar lines as we now have the excellent Foxylicious This FireFox extension adds a folder to the bookmarks menu that contains your del.icio.us bookmarks making them available without going to a separate website. The only downside is that it seems to be a one way trip, adding a local bookmark to the menu and choosing “update bookmarks” (you can reach this via tools->Foxylicious) doesn’t seem to update the bookmarks on the server.

I’ve been a subscriber to the RSS feed over at Startup Skills for quite a while now, the authors insights on creating a start up and online advertising in general and Google Adwords in particular have always made interesting reading; but one day they stopped. Instead of just pontificating about what you could do he’s been busy actually creating and running a company. AdGooroo, “an advertising intelligence service that tracks competitors’ online advertising” and helps you get the most from your own Google Adwords certainly warrants a close eye if you use Google for ads and a perfect starting place to find out what it’s all about if you don’t. Read on →

I’ve been doing some research on the available FireFox extensions for a very small side project that may or may not appear. During my travels I spent some time investigating the quite excellent Adblock. I bet you can all guess what it does. What was slightly more amusing was the Adbar extension, this adds text ads that no one gets paid for, to FireFox; it is very similar to the unregistered Opera browser. Read on →

Over the last couple of days I’ve become quite taken with a FireFox extension called WebmailCompose ( WebmailCompose XPI) This addin for FireFox (although it has an issue installing on 0.9.3) and Mozilla overrides the default behaviour of mailto: links and instead calls your webmail application of choice. By default support is provided for, among others, Gmail (WOO!), Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and you can even add your own service of choice with a little knowledge of URL formats.

I’ve been a Terry Pratchett fan ever since I bought a copy of “The colour of magic”, he was a master of constant jokes, diverse and interesting characters mixed together in a fantasy world which had enough commonalities with our own to add an extra twist to the tale. If one thing stands out from that sentence it should be the word ‘was’, while the quality of the recent stories (Monstrous Regiment, Night Watch) is, if anything, better than the earlier books the newer books including Going Postal are very quiet on the humour front. Read on →

Occasionly you will pipe or cat a file to the screen or a program will die and the screen will begin to show gibberish when ever you type anything (I don’t mean the usual gibberish that most people type on a command line :)) If you use putty then you will see the word ‘PuTTy’ appear contantly. The quick way around this is to type ‘reset’ and the screen will begin to work as expected again.