UKLug -- Job Searches and RSS Feeds

A friend of mine runs the UKLug website, an online search engine for jobs that allows you to ‘subscribe’ to a search query. Every time your feed reader requests the contents the query is re-run and the current results are passed down.

“Thats neat. Why is it getting mentioned here?” Well you highly focused individual it’s being mentioned here for two reasons:

  1. Firstly it's a good site that deserves some coverage; even if it does look like Google.
  2. I'm writing some search tools/add-ins that work with it.

Over on the main site I’ll be adding entries to both the Mycroft searches and IE Address-bar customisation pages. I may even be adding a new page for bookmarklets featuring a little snippet thats takes your Jobserve query and re-runs it against UKLug. This code snippet is based upon the querystrings used at each site, if these change i’ll upload a new version on my site. For now the bookmarklet can be found here: