RSS Aggregator

Like most geeks I’m an information junkie, I have news sites, developer blogs, security alerts and even a couple of system logs piped to me via the bandwidth eating medium of RSS. I started off using FeedReader but soon felt the need for something a little more powerful and swapped to the excellent, if quite memory intensive and slow to start, SharpReader.

After six months of happy usage the restriction of only accessing my subscriptions from a single machine began to get to me. After a brief stint using Bloglines, a webbased aggregator that solves the synchronisation problem by storing state on an Internet server, the UI began to annoy me so I switched back to SharpReader; and then I saw Jeremy Zawodny’s Rojo coverage.

To be honest the fact it’s a web based aggregator would have been enough for me to bookmark the company name for consideration the next time I tried to swap but the social networking aspect was enough of a pull to encourage me to send an invite begging^Wrequesting a beta account. And they gave me access.

I’ve now been using Rojo for two days and I’m very happy with it so far, although I’ve not yet dived into the social aspects it is well worth a look on basic features and UI alone. I have about 108 feeds in SharpReader and the OPML importer was 97%(ish) successful, it picked up I had some dead feeds in my list, and after submitting some feedback on the four it kicked out I received a response from Rojo within about 10 minutes so I’m impressed. How long will the honeymoon period last? I don’t know but I do have a funny feeling I’ll be blogging some of it’s other distinct features in the not so distant future.