Bugzilla Tag Blosxom plugin

One of the small developer blogs I host has a number of people linking to, and complaining about, the bugs present in different Free Software projects. After watching one of them open a text file, dig through the links, pull out the wrong one and eventually get the right URL I decided to write a small Blosxom plugin to make the process easier.

The Bugzilla Tag Blosxom plugin lets you define shortcuts to a number of Bugzilla servers, and a default one, which you can then link to using the following syntax in your blosxom posts:

<bug "redhat">117894</bug> <bug "mozilla">84752</bug>

And the links look like this:
<bug “redhat">117894
<bug “mozilla">84752

For full details have a look at the Bugzilla Tag Blosxom plugin source.