Blosxom Plugin: submit_to_reddit

One of the great things about putting code online is that anyone can contact you about it. Sometimes you get a “thank you”, sometimes corrections and occasionally requests to make it do something else. My add_to_delicious Blosxom plugin post caused a couple of damn lazy Blosxom users (although it’s perl based so they may consider this praise :)) to ask for versions for a couple of other sites. The first of these, submit to reddit is now done.

This plugin changes each post (both RSS and HTML flavours) and adds a clickable link that takes you to a pre-populated “Submit to reddit” page. The submit_to_reddit source code is pretty simple (mostly the same as the previous plugin) but you’ll probably need to change the ‘$post_url’ to suit your sites permalink format. The code’s GPL'd and I’ve tested it on my own site so it mostly works.