Amazon^WLoveFilm DVD Rentals

I’ve been a happy Amazon UK DVD rental customer for the last couple of years. They’ve got a wide selection, the DVDs ship fast, come in separate envelopes and in nice sturdy plastic cases. In nearly 200 DVDs I’ve had three that were unplayable and only one that got lost in transit - a replacement for which was sent the same day.

‘Luckily’ for me Amazons DVD rentals are now handled by LoveFilm. I had my first batch through last week and I’m less than impressed. All three films came in a single envelope (so I have to watch them all before I can sent them back for replacement), they are in flimsy paper containers and out of my first two one is broken - with a split straight through. This is not the best start I could have hoped for.

There’s a reason Amazon gets a lot of my online cash - they provide a damn good service.