Getting Sick Sucks.

If you’ve either been waiting on something from me or you’re surprised at the sudden barrage of email’s I’ve sent today (21st Feb) then I have a not very amusing story to tell.

I’ve had a mild cold or flu, there are a couple of bugs gong around at the moment so it’s not uncommon. I then spent a day working in a chilled server room. Not my smartest ever plan; and that’s an achievement. I got home Thursday afternoon and during the evening managed to pass out while walking around and smash my head into a door frame. This was not in my plan for the weekend.

Skipping the boring bits I looked uncomfortably like TwoFace from Batman. I also still have a cold from hell. After sleeping for most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday (only on my left side as the right-side is sore as hell) I’m now back in a position where I know who the Prime Minister is. Wish I didn’t but… ;)

I ended up cancelling my birthday meal, I’m already a day into my week off work with nothing to show for it and I have to go and see a dentist to get a couple of loose teeth looked at tomorrow. On the upside I’m pretty well rested, the bruising is going down quite nicely and I got to watch the whole of Angel Series 5 (again) and FireFly. And it’s almost time for FOSDEM; which I hope to be well enough to attend now I’ve payed to go.