Taking Advice

Tonight I was told, "learn to let things go, take a step back and don’t get involved in everything. Not everything has to be fixed by you.“ There is one small problem, in general I’m shite at listening to advice like this. If I see something that’s broken I have to try and fix it. While I’ve gotten damn good at suppressing my urge to do this with live systems (always do a risk analysis first) I’m remarkably bad at applying the same approach to dealing with people; especially at work. If things ain’t going well I step in and amble about looking for a fix.

Well no more! I plan on taking this advice (I reckon I can last about a month) and getting back in to tech while avoiding the wet-ware issues. Fortunately I have a long list of things that need doing (both at work and at home) that I can focus on while I give things a chance to sort themselves out. Now lets see if this does make me "less of a miserable bastard".