As If, Sinchronicity and Star Spotting - Jemima Rooper

If you’re of a certain age (the same one as me :)) then you may fondly remember As If. It was broadcast on T4 (when T4 was still tolerable) and was on late enough that you were awake from the Saturday night clubbing… Compared to most of the pap targeting the late teens / early twenties market at the time it was well written, funny and was blessed with good casting.

Last night on BBC3 a new series called Sinchronicity started, it features a number of the same cast, production crew and aspects that made As If stand out. I’m mentioning this not just because it’s a decent program (and those should be encouraged) but while walking through Liverpool Street on my daily fight home tonight I spotted Jemima Rooper, one of the stars of both. And went to say “Hello”. She’s nice to speak to, tiny - about 5’ 3 - and absolutely gorgeous.

Now to find the set of As If episodes…