Planning to Fail - Projects Beyond Your Ability

Do Cool Shit Every Damn Day Or Die Trying From Tom Peters.

In an attempt to do just that, well the first two bits anyway, I’m currently planning my next project; this one is a little different, I know I’m going to fail. It’s not very often you embark on a project not to succeed but to see where and how you screw it up. Sometimes a challenge is just too big and outside of your area of expertise. It makes sense to try with a realistic expectation, limited investment, a strict time limit and treat the whole thing as a learning experience rather than either waste resources or not attempt it at all.

While this isn’t a situation I ever want to be in as an employee, I’m quite looking forward to learning how far I’m going to get before I lock myself in to a corner and have to call it a day. The excitement of trying something new is always welcome. And it will be (IMHO) cool.