KT Tunstall - Best Live Performance This Year

For those of you that don’t know it the BBC has a program called Later with Jools Holland. The show is a exhibition of great musicians, from all time greats like Desmond Decker, Aretha Franklin and the late Ray Charles to modern singers like Shola Ama and Beverly Knight each week has at least one act that makes you sit up and take note.

And thats just the weekly shows! The New Years Specials are well worth recording for when you get in the next day and have some of the best live performances you could hope for, not just great singers but very unlikely duets and group songs. The shows time slot, as proven tonight, is perfect; you get home from a Friday night with friends and catch the second half before hitting the sack.

I clicked the TV on when I got in and was suddenly enthralled. A woman, who’s name I later found out, called KT Tunstall was standing on stage on her own singing (with a great voice) but also playing the guitar, recording her own voice on a pair of foot activated recorders and playing it back to form her own backing as she sang. A quick Google shows she’s not made any huge inroads to the main stream but it was a nice feeling to see someone very talented enjoying that they do. And I bet you’ll be hearing more about her.

Update: An official KT Tunstall site exists!