KT Tunstall -- False Alarm EP

I made some noise on the subject of the great KT Tunstall on Jools Holland appearance a little while ago. After spending some time looking around I’ve finally managed to get my hands on her False Alarm EP.

The CD contains four tracks, False Alarm, Heal Over, Miniature Disasters and Throw me a rope. While the first two are respectable songs in their own rights the latter two are an excellent taster of the album to come (in December now, allegedly due to a family of mice in the printing facility…).

Miniature Disasters is my favourite song of the four, upbeat backing with great vocals (which reminded me a lot of Stings work from about two years ago) and well worth the cost of the EP on it’s own. The last track, Throw me a rope, is a good showcase for the singers voice as well as a touching song in it’s own right.

I think the EP release was a great idea, it provides an accessible, and quite cheap, intro to the singers style and abilities. Now to book a ticket for her ICA gig…