Duelling Banjos. But With cars. And no Banjos.

Walking around the back-streets near Oxford Street at night you often see strange things but I saw one this week that gave me a chuckle. The first car pulls up to the traffic lights, it’s a shiny maroon Jaguar XK8 with a white-guy decked out in gold sitting at the wheel. His head is bobbing up and down and you can feel the base of Zed Bias “Neighbourhood”, a garage track that used to be very popular as a between song filler, from across the street.

Suddenly the beat starts to feel subdued as you notice something else on the periphery of your hearing, an old white guy pulls up to the lights in a beaten up old Ford Escort and all you can hear is the conclusion of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 being blasted out over who knows how much money worth of speakers. At least the young white guy had the sense to look embarrassed. I love this city.