Have Card Will Travel

It’s been a long week that began with half the systems team coming down with colds and ended with no water at home and dealing with plumbers. A number of little road blocks cropped up and late Friday night I decided to do the adult thing - and ran away.

I’ve not really had a non-tech break since January so about 10 Friday night I grabbed my “conference kit” (I’ve learned to pack for short trips both quickly and lightly - and with only cheap items) I went and bought a ticket to the coast, used the wireless in the train station to find a small “hotel” (that’s a glamourous term for where I ended up staying) and buggered off to enjoy the beach for two days.

So I’m sitting here alone on a beach, on a Sunday, enjoying the sound of the waves, using the free wireless and fiddling about on my laptop in the remarkably warm sun.

And you know what? It’s not the worst way to end a week.