Friendships Should be Equal

In any friendship, hell any relationship, the most important thing is equality. Each party has certain expectations, if they don’t match those of the other person then things will eventually come to a head.

In a relationship the same principles apply, but what they each offer may be very different and appear unbalanced on first glance. This is often the deal with “old rich guy” with “young attractive women” relationships. As long as they both understand what they’re going to put in (no pun intended) and get out then they can work. Any time you see two people and think “what’s he/she doing with him/her?” take another look. In most cases there’s something that makes them consider each other as equals.

Every now and again you get in to a friendship or relationship where things start out as equal and gradually change. Sometimes you can even spot this happening and get an early warning that you either have to change the deal or get out of the way before it goes sour. Good luck.