All About The Girl

This isn’t one of my usual postings, if you’re here just for the tech then hit delete now. You’ve been warned.

Every now and again you meet someone that simply shines. A person that makes your spirit soar by walking in the room and can brighten your day with but a casual smile. If you’re very fortunate, you’ll spend time together and she’ll be someone who continues to grow in your estimation while you worry ever more about how you appear in hers. It’s the spending time together part that makes things different. With enough effort and motivation anyone can be made to appear pretty, but it’s the rare few who, under close scrutiny, are as beautiful inside as out. And those few are truly gifts to us.

If you’re really lucky then you’ll be blessed with two things, besides meeting them at all. Firstly you’ll notice the person and realise what a pleasure spending time with them is while you’re still in a position to enjoy it. Secondly, she’ll feel the same. This one’s the rub, does she feel the same? Who knows! Who cares? Everyone likes to be told how wonderful they are don’t they? But what if it’s all one way? Will I screw the friendship up by being selfish and spilling my guts? Can a friendship survive one party wondering what if? Will she just feel awkward afterwards? Is the risk of not spending any more time with her worth the risk of finding out?

My advice? Say something. Anything! But never let the chance slip through your fingers due to your own insecurites and uncertainties, it’ll bug the heck out of you. I did that. I’m an idiot. But we knew that.

This post might explain why my productivity has taken a bit of a dive lately, my hearts not really been in the technology. Hopefully normal service (with all the usual grammatical errors :)) will resume shortly.