X-Men 3 - A Respectable Finale

When I was a teen I read a fair amount of X-Men comics (and I’ve started again now Joss Whedon is writing Astonishing X-Men) so they are close to my heart, while the first film felt like a prologue, the second film did them justice and the third gives them a decent send off.

I’m not going to spoil any of the plot but Storm gets a decent showing this time, Halle Berry - who has six toes on her left foot, made some (deserved) noise about Storm being down played in previous films. That’s been fixed in this one.

Three things that jumped out at me, they’ve done pretty well at making Hugh Jackman look short while playing Wolverine but it didn’t work as well in this film. There were a lot less in-jokes and little fan bits this time and lastly the Juggernaught isn’t a mutant (in 616 continuity anyway). So he couldn’t have been stopped that way. But that’s me nitpicking.

Beast looked well in the fight scenes and it’s going to be interesting to see how much of what they’ve learned from him can be applied to Spider-man 3, their fighting styles have a lot in common.

It’s also worth staying until the credits have finished, there is a nice little scene that not many people have stayed to see…