Who Watched the Watchmen? Me!

On Friday night I was as predictable as most of the people in my feedreader and was camped down at 5PM for the evening showing of Watchmen - and I enjoyed it.

It’s been a good few years since I read the original graphic novel so I’m not as likely to pick out little errors and omissions (like the Silk Spectre looking for a lighter in the book and just being nosy in the film) but I thought the story was a very good, and close, adaptation. The fight scenes were well done and extremely short, sharp and brutal and the film utilised its 18 rating well.

I’m interested in how easy to follow the film will be to someone who’s never been exposed to the source material. There were lots of little bits and pieces that might not fit together that easily. I thought the pacing was decent, I was never bored and didn’t get too fidgety.

Now, spoilers

I thought the idea of using Dr Manhattans power as the basis for the destruction was an acceptable alternative to the novels ending. Trying to stick to the novel would have required a lot more leg work and slowed the pace. I was a little surprised at how most of the heros seemed to have some degree of super-strength but that’s artistic license. As for the killing of Rorschach I can see why they did it that way and increased the drama but I didn’t like it. The original handled it much better and without all the over the top responses.

Although I missed the giant squid I’ll still give it 8/10 for fans of the novel, 6/10 for others.