Superman Returns - Good but no Spiderman

I’m not a huge fan of the Man of Steel, I find his comics boring, the Christopher Reeve films were watchable but nothing that stands out from my childhood and Smallville is mostly dull. I’d heard the hype about Superman Returns and considering how well the second X-Men film went I thought I’d give it ago. On opening day. Because it’s a comic book based film dammit. And Spiderman 3 is taking TOO LONG. HEAR ME RAIMI?!

I wasn’t really grabbed by the film as a whole. While Brandon Routh does a decent enough Superman with enough of a boy scout look to be passable, Kate Bosworth was a very weak Lois Lane compared to all the other incarnations I’ve seen and I just don’t see the appeal of James Marsden. As either Richard White or Cyclops (in the X-Men, the first two of which were also directed by Bryan Singer) he’s bought nothing to the screen. He’s not a good actor, he’s not extreme eye candy and he always looks too much like an everyman. And we’ve got Clark Kent for that in this film. The special effects were decent if not ground breaking and Kevin Spacey seemed to be the only person enjoying himself. He’s not my favourite Lex but he did a decent job.

5/10 - Watchable but don’t rush.