Sunshine - Short Movie Review

I wanted to like Sunshine, I really did. A new sci-fi film by the writer and directors of 28 Days Later (a very entertaining film) should have been enough to keep me going until Spider-Man 3 is released. Instead it was a seriously dull and predictable two hours.

The sun is going out (hip hip hip hurray?) so a small group of scientists are sent to detonate a bomb that’ll kick start it. They don’t make it. So we send a second batch; “Are you the saviour of the human race?” “No, I’m the second choice”. The film starts off mid-trip and quickly goes downhill. The psych officer is obvious a fruit loop, the crew are sloppy as hell, the twists are predictable, the on board security system is nearly as comprehensive as an unpatched Windows 3.1 machine and Rose Byrne has An Accent; we’re just not sure where it was supposed to be from.

The film starts out with some interesting psychological ideas and quickly becomes a very dull and done before space slasher. This film left me cold (haha) 2/10 - visually impressive but boring.