Is the DragonLance Movie Happening? We Have a YES!

I played a lot of ADnD at school, and while I only took part in a couple of short DragonLance campaigns, I’m a Forgotten Realms man, the books written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman really grabbed me. Over the years, where ever ADnD fans gathered in sleepy, huddled masses, the topic of a DragonLance movie would occasionally crop up and we’d all say how great it’d be but that it’s never happen; looks like we were wrong…

It seems that a DragonLance Movie based on the Dragons of Autumn Twilight is undergoing production. It’s going to be animated rather than live action (even though The Lord of the Rings big screen adaption showed what can be done in this genre) and I have to say the news fills me with both excitement and dread.

The idea of seeing those characters bought to life is exciting, I want to know how other people perceive Tanis and Raistlin, but I can remember the Dungeons and Dragons film (which was bad, very bad) and the script is being worked on by George Strayton, ‘whose credits include “Cleopatra 2525”, “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”.’, three shows that I’ve seen and have never inspired me to think the world epic. Well, not in a good way.

These books are some of my favourites, let’s hope he’s very careful with them.