Crank - Short Review

Jason Statham has found himself a Hollywood niche, action films that don’t set the box office on fire but provide a decent level of “leave your brain at home” entertainment. The Transporter movies and now Crank are shining examples.

Despite the trailers (and my expectations) Crank isn’t as action packed as I’d expected, in between a number of fight scenes there is a surprising amount of plot and amusing dialogue. While the plot itself isn’t exactly original the films constant changing from one scene to another and some decent dialogue makes it a lot less painful than it could have been. It’s worth pointing out the visuals; a lot of the film looks like it was shot by someone with ADD, a background in short music videos and on a decent amount of drugs. From CISesque internal body shots, head banging in the back of cabs and some “medical assistance” from Amy Smart. This’ll drive some people nuts. I liked it here but hope it’s not copied in too many other places.

Chev Chelios: “I’m looking for something.. begins with E…”
Pharmacist: “England?”

Score: 6/10 - unchallenging with some decent action, a couple of smart one-liners and some nice set pieces.