Alien vs. Predator - Short Review

What can I say, one of the most intriguing ideas for a ‘vs’ film. Two of the best alien menaces from the 80s. A big budget. A cast of complete unknowns. A really shite film.

While the film needed a human element to get the audience involved the director took it too far and ended up with a human / Predator buddy cop feel by the end of the film. The action scenes were dull, no where near the standard of Aliens and mainstream nature of the two namesakes means a lot of the shock and surprise was lost even before this heavy handed attempt to scare the audience.

I was hoping for a couple of decent special effects, a small Predator platoon fighting an encroaching horde of Aliens for example. Instead we get the Iraq Reserve Militia of the Predators homeworld fighting some Aliens that consider the Winona Ryder days of Alien Resurrection to be a career high. The scariest thing about it? They’ve commissioned a sequel. 3/10.