Anachronism in the Office - Writing Procedures

Today I was taken through a couple of system tasks that were both in-depth and pretty time consuming. And like a good lad I wrote down instructions fine grained enough to go through the task on my own. Now firstly this means if I missed anything I have to go through it again and make corrections. Secondly I wrote them by hand. Which was a mistake.

After I’d finished the oddness of what I’d just done came to me. I spent 45 minutes making a, probably imperfect, and has to be tested anyway, set of steps for things that you do on a computer. Wouldn’t it make more sense to fire up a screen capture tool, plugin in a mike, record the “teacher” and then archive the footage somewhere for future use? That way you get the exact step by step footage while retaining any spoken details.

And it gets us a little closer to this ever promised paper-less office!